A range of tailored services

Needs and context will determine the role assigned to the consultant as a director, manager, project manager or expert advisor.


Business strategy counseling

Corporate Strategy
  • Support companies while there are setting up or restructuring, in the design/update of their business model and/or their business strategy.

Deliverables: Business Model, vision-mission, strategic business area, SWOT, KPIs.

  • Reinforce consistency between the organization, corporate actors, processes, tools and best practices required to ensure a successful strategy execution.

Deliverables: Business Case (strategic alignment).

  • Identify and deploy tools required to manage the company and monitor the strategy execution like project management portfolio, risk management, information system, dashboard and reporting.

Deliverables: Processes, templates, tools.

Organization Foundations
  • Structure the departments and their areas of activity (structures, roles & responsibilities, synergies and collaborations), establish job descriptions and document internal rules.

Deliverables: Organization charts, job descriptions, company policy, business ethic code.

  • Establish and document business processes encompassing management, business and supporting activities. Ensure alignment with the working organization. Support the deployment and accompany the change.

Deliverables: Processes, roadmap.

  • Organize, deploy and support the ramp-up of competency centers like “Shared Services Center” or “Project Management Office”.

Deliverables: Models (Organization, service catalog, financing, management tool).

Performance improvement
  • Deploy "management by objectives" based on employee assessment (performances, skills and development) aligned to the company's benefits and compensation framework.

Deliverables: Processes, models (management by objectives); (Employee assessment); (compensation and benefits framework).

  • Uplift performance within the company by acting on human and organizational levers such as wellness/motivation factors, leadership, talents management, employee competences, knowledge management and deployment of best practices.

Deliverables: Coaching & mentoring, processes, training catalog, E-learning, models, best practices (governance, management, project management, etc.).

  • Strengthen/redirect the corporate culture by identifying the building blocks, by evaluating levers on which acting to promote a system of values supporting sustainable corporate strategy and then by accompanying the change.

Deliverables: Business Case (corporate culture).

Information Technology

Strategy & Governance
  • Align IS/IT - organization, information system, technology and services - with the business strategy to meet current and future needs, and to seek to maximize the added value delivered to the organization.

Deliverables: Business Model, blueprint, roadmap.

  • Visit the investment policy in light to strategic choices and propose alternatives based on risk management, optimization and cost control.

Deliverables: Business Case (strategy alternatives), roadmap.

  • Set framework, principles and governance processes to ensure the most efficient usage of resources and information, and support the company in achieving its business objectives.

Deliverables: Business case (governance), templates, tools, roadmap.

  • Audit/organize the department to address a change in the strategy, a merger/acquisition, an internalization/externalization of services or a change in the workforce.

Deliverables: Business Case (organization).

  • Improve the quality and efficiency of the department by deploying best practices (ITIL), by optimizing the services provided by internal or external providers and by implementing contracts of service.

Deliverables: Service Catalog, processes, sourcing strategy, OLA/SLA contracts.

  • Strengthen customer focus and user satisfaction by establishing a "culture of service" leveraging on efficiency, usability, value creation, transparency and communication.

Deliverables: Satisfaction survey, IT charter, communication plan, coaching & mentoring.

Project Management
  • Prepare the kick-off of a project by conducting preliminary studies required to lead to its acceptance.

Deliverables: Business case, feasibility study, solutions evaluation, integrators/service providers’ assessment, budget.

  • Manage information system projects and their integrations (ERP, E-Commerce, CRM, business intelligence, dashboard or specific applications) as well as infrastructure projects (network, servers, workstations, collaborative). Coordinate local, near and offshore teams.

Deliverables: Project deliverables, processes.

  • Prepare and manage the change coming along with deployment of new solutions; change related to the organization, business processes, management of a new platform, knowledge management and communication.

Deliverables: Roadmap, processes.

IS/IT department management
  • Deploy and maintain IS/IT blueprint aligned with the evolving corporate strategy. Structure the department and organize activities, support/operating processes and decision making circuits as well as outsourcing strategy. Measure user satisfaction.

Deliverables: cf. Service « Strategy and Governance » & « Organization ».

  • Manage the department by monitoring projects and operations, by managing risks, priorities, communication and knowledge, by following-up suppliers and contracts, and by handling budget.

Deliverables: cf. Service « Organization ».

  • Recruit, manage, evaluate and motivate the internal staff. Ensure its development in line with current and future needs of the company, and the succession plan.

Deliverables: cf. Service « Organization Foundations».