Key milestones

1986 - Graduated
ETS Microtechnic Engineer.Heig-vd Yverdon
25+ years
Information Technology.
15+ years
Strategy, management, organization, project, change management, coaching.
10+ years
Freelance Consultant.


  • Strategic-global analysis of the situation and issues before the implementation of a targeted solution.
  • Broad vision of information technology encompassing the information system, the technology-infrastructure and related IT services.
  • Communication adapted to the various levels of the organization, to the management, the business and the supporting functions.
  • Value propositions allying customer context, pragmatism and best practices of the market.

  • Production of deliverables based on available frameworks, methodologies and templates.
  • Create sustainable value in the business, increase the quality and improve the efficiency thanks to values of excellence, commitment and passion.
  • Develop a productive and motivating work atmosphere to strengthen synergies and collaboration within teams.
  • Multilingual English, French, Italian and good understanding of German.
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